Property & Cashflow Summit March '17,
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Draft Agenda

  • Day 1 - A.M - Education Systems. How to become self aware and engineer the right route to wealth for YOU!
  • Day 1 - A.M - Basic Sourcing Systems. How to identify the best on and off market deals using 3 free resources before you even leave the house in the morning...
  • Day 1 - P.M. - Health and Wellbeing Systems. How to enjoy your passive income and wealth for as long as possible.
  • Day 1 - P.M. - Project Management Systems. Save £10,000s on each project with collaborative working and our cash flow flip strategy.
  • Day 2 - A.M. - Bonus Session - Business Building Systems and KPIs. Learn how to build a motivated team to take your business to the next level and truly remove yourself from the day to day. This session has proven so popular we are now extending it to a brunch Q&A session.
  • Day 2 - A.M. - Advanced Sourcing Systems. 3 Ninja strategies for finding huge deals with little time input.
  • Day 2 - P.M. - Finance Systems. All of the different systems to raise finance, including a deep dive into our authority building formula to attract JV investment.
  • Day 2 - P.M. - Management Systems. Everything you need to run your portfolio remotely without using a letting agent.
  • DAY 2 - P.M. - Goal setting. Leave the Summit with a set of action steps to implement the very next day.

P&S Summit - Tariq Mubarak

- Tariq Mubarak

P&S Summit - Jane Mitchell

- Jane Mitchell

Just spent this weekend on Rob Stewart and John Paul’s Property and Systems Summit in London and what a course it was!

Don’t think the guys could have packed in more content if they’d tried. From Saturday morning to Sunday evening, fluff was most certainly not the order of the day. Each section packed full of useful, ready to use info, tips and strategies for systemising your property business.

We all want passive income through property. Do this course and you’re seriously weighting that likelihood in your favour.

Simon Roberts