PEGTV Episode 7 – Staff, Systems and Scale

PEGTV is back and better than ever!

Expect some more great videos on how to get more out of life, property and business, as well as some awesome insider interviews with industry leaders.

Today, we have a Top Systems Expert, John Paul of Castledene Lettings. We talk about staff, systemisation and how to scale and grow your business…

Leave your questions for the next episode in the comments!

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  1. Vishal
    Vishal says:


    Thanks for this, enjoyed. It would be good to have a special episode for structuring a company based on various strategies from tax efficiency point of view. So for example, do you recommend one company for both SA and LO properties. do you recommend a separate company for lettings, etc.


    • Rob Stewart
      Rob Stewart says:

      Hey Vishal – always have to be careful when it comes to tax as we’re not qualified to give tax advice but I’ll see what we can do!


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