Why Facebook Live Could Be Killing Your Business


Do you remember when Twitter hit the scenes?

It seemed like every time you logged in you were greeted with another tweet of a cute, fluffy animal playing the piano.

Potentially entertaining – but not hugely constructive. 

I’m kinda feeling the same about Facebook Live at the moment.

Since Facebook has released this feature – every time I scroll through my newsfeed there seems to be at least one person, if not more – live.

I have to admit – I don’t spend a huge amount of time watching these feeds as I strictly ration my time to income generating activities.

Effective use of your time is perhaps the major differentiator in success.  Whatever industry you’re in here are some apps that you can use to help you do the same.

When you come across a live feed – it almost feels like when your Mum video calls you in the middle of that important meeting.

You’re just not in the right place to engage with it.

And this is the main issue with what I’m seeing right now. 

Lots of users are spontaneously starting a Facebook Live session – but there seems to be no coherent plan or format.

Getting engagement during a live session, however, seems to be proving hugely difficult and I see many broadcasters sitting on the feed just asking for questions and when none come – emergency ad-libbing! 

I think this can prove dangerous, as people with decent sized followings are running sessions and only having a handful of attendees.

Which can have a damaging effect on reputation…

But is it any real surprise?

For a viewer to watch your live broadcast, they need to be scrolling through their news feed at the right time, and of course hope that edge rank (Facebook’s algorithm) shows it to them.

(Of course, you can get around this if you select the little button which will notify you when your favourite broadcasters go live).

Then, you’ve got to hope that your viewer is actually able to stay and watch your broadcast.

We live in a world of very short attention spans – DVRs and On-Demand are an ingrained part of our lives.

Think about it – when was the last time you sat down and watched the TV live…?!

(For me – it’s pretty much only for big sporting events…)

And then there’s the issue of engagement.

Trust me – I’ve been running live, online group coaching trainings for 2 years now and have learned a thing or to…

If you’re online with a group of people, and just ask them to “fire away” with questions – guess what.

Nothing, silence, digital crickets…

The best way to facilitate engagement with your audience is to lead the session – provide content and then go into the Q&A.

Just give it a go…

Please don’t get me wrong, (I know I’m sounding a bit bah-humbug at the moment), those of you who know me also know that I champion social media and credit it with the rapid growth of all of my businesses.

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But I just can’t help but think that we are all feeling our way around this new feature trying to work out how to use it properly.

So – what I wanted to do was brainstorm with you some ways of boosting your attendance, engagement and therefore AUTHORITY using Facebook Live.

Problem 1  – Lack of Attendance.

Solution 1 – Run your Facebook Live broadcasts at pre-determined times and notify everyone before hand! 

Look – you wouldn’t run a webinar and only announce it 30 seconds before starting – so give your audience as much pre-warning as possible.  You could do this via email, Facebook, Twitter – however you speak to your audience.

Of course, to stand the best chance of attendance – you need to give people a reason to be there…

Solution 2 – Make sure your broadcast is content/value driven. 

Guess what – you are streaming live broadcasts to the world.  You’ve just made the transition to media company – broadcasting on your very own channel.  When you think about it – this is pretty cool actually.

But – like all media companies – you need to offer your audience a value exchange – their time for your knowledge and/or entertainment.

(By entertainment I don’t necessarily mean humour, special effects of the hollywood factor – I just mean you need to be engaging).

To the next problem…

Problem 2 – Lack of Engagement.

Solution – Again – this is all about your content and delivery.

Some great times to use a live broadcast would be at an event.  This could be a live workshop or investor day, a private training for a closed Facebook Group you run, maybe even a big announcement. 

It could even be a sales event – perhaps a live tour around a property deal with your investors on the other end – creating competition, scarcity and urgency to invest.  Maybe a special offer for all of those who are on the live broadcast…?

Because when you get this right – you will achieve 2 major things.


And here’s the upside…

There’s nothing quite like watching a live feed when there is a stream of likes, hearts and other random emojis scrolling across the bottom of the screen.

What’s more powerful is when you see those from people you know on Facebook.

That is some MAJOR social proof – which ads huge deposits to your authority bank.

And then there is the intangible benefits.

The Big Brother factor.

Everyone likes to feel that they are behind the scenes in your life (we are all fundamentally nosey) – and they can do that by watching your Facebook live broadcasts.

And that creates rapport, credibility and likability – which is seen on scale after the event as the video will stay on your wall, be shared by others and, of course, boosted to the world (or at least the people you want to see it) with laser precision.

People like doing business with people they like, trust and can relate to.

So – I think these are very interesting times and an amazing opportunity for those who want to grab it.

And some will – as there is a HUGE land grab going on at the moment in this space.

Just like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat – Facebook Live will, (and is), creating overnight sensations (although we all know, of course, that it takes years of hard work to become big overnight…)

If you are leveraging Facebook Live then you NEED to make sure you are delivering content and value, whilst entertaining your audience to create engagement.

We all need to start from somewhere – so do not be disheartened if no-one watches your first broadcast.

If you get just one viewer then you have achieved a huge success – you’ve put on a show thats been good enough to divert one persons attention away from normal media.

From there just keep following the steps and ADDING VALUE and you’ll watch your audience, credibility and influence grow – as will your business.

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