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PEGTV Episode 7 – Staff, Systems and Scale

PEGTV is back and better than ever! Expect some more great videos on how to get more out of life, property and business, as well as some awesome insider interviews with industry leaders. Today, we have a Top Systems Expert, John Paul of Castledene Lettings. We talk about staff, systemisation and how to scale and […]

Why Facebook Live Could Be Killing Your Business

Do you remember when Twitter hit the scenes? It seemed like every time you logged in you were greeted with another tweet of a cute, fluffy animal playing the piano. Potentially entertaining – but not hugely constructive.  I’m kinda feeling the same about Facebook Live at the moment. Since Facebook has released this feature – […]

5 Ways To Turn Your Lettings Agency Into A Cash Machine

It’s no secret that Lettings Agents have a terrible reputation. Hard work…Low margins…Maybe even exploiting tenants… Its a wonder why anyone would decide to tackle this business model. …Unless, of course, you like to think out of the box a little bit. In my opinion, there are 5 reasons why being a lettings agent is […]

Prospecting – The Art of Winning Business

This sounds a bit like a Sun Tzu quote (he was a 6th Century genius military strategist who wrote “The Art of War”) but that’s prospecting in a nutshell It’s winning business through your communications. Be that letters, emails, or phone calls. So is it really the dark art people think it is? And if […]

At Last – The Secret to Success Is Revealed

We’ve all heard the phrase “Take Massive Action”. There’s nothing wrong with this phrase as, without a doubt, success follows action. But here’s the problem. Most people NEVER take the action they need to create the success and hence lifestyle they desire. In fact, when you look at all industry statistics, only around 5% of […]